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Shoplifting or theft charges are something that can significantly impact your life and your future. A criminal record is something that lives on with you for a long time, possible permanently marking you for life.

Unfortunately, a criminal theft offense isn’t as trivial as a  child pocketing  a piece of gum in the candy store. Despite how minor you may think your situation is, if you are facing theft charges, it is serious.

Iowa theft crimes are numerous and stealing from a retailer isn’t the only way you can be caught. Theft encompasses many acts, each of them coming under the larger heading and carrying similar sentences.

Perhaps you stole cable or passed a bad check. Or it could easily be that you are accused of something you didn’t do at all. Whatever the situation, we can help.

Our defense attorneys have handled many theft cases in Iowa and would like to assist you with yours. The specifics of each case are different and require a customized defense strategy. Together we can determine the best route for your particular circumstances.

Call today to discuss your theft charges and what led to them.

Iowa Theft Laws

There are several reasons you could be facing theft charges. Theft applies to all of the following situations:

  1. Taking possession of the property of another with intent to deprive,
  2. Misappropriating or disposing of someone else’s property even if your possession of that property is lawful,
  3. Obtaining services or labor from another where payment is expected and neglecting or refusing to pay,
  4. Possessing stolen property when the fact that it is stolen is known or should be known,
  5. Taking, destroying, or disposing of property in which someone has interest with intent to defraud,
  6. Passing a bad check, or
  7. Stealing utilities like gas, water, cable, or telephone service.

Ref: IA. St. §714.1

Theft crimes are classified by degrees. What you are charged with depends on the circumstances of the theft and largely the value of the goods or services in question.

Value of Stolen Property Theft Classification Potential Sentence
Up to $200 5th degree theft, simple misdemeanor 30 days in jail and $625 in fines
$200 to $500 4th degree, serious misdemeanor 1 year in jail and $1875 in fines
$501 to $1,000 3rd degree, aggravated misdemeanor 2 years in prison and $6250 in fines
$1,001 to $10,000 or a motor vehicle 2nd degree, Class D felony 5 years in prison and $7500 in fines
More than $10,000 or looting a vacant building following a disaster or riot. 1st degree, Class C felony 10 years in prison and $10,000 in fines

Ref: IA. St. §714.2

Perhaps there was a misunderstanding between you and your accuser. Maybe you thought you had permission to borrow something or take something of theirs only to find yourself having to answer to criminal charges now.

Maybe, however, you made a mistake. Sometimes the lure of financial gain can be so great we disregard the risks. If you are ready to take responsibility for your actions, We can make sure the court knows your remorse and regret.

Regardless of what brought you to these charges, We can help you handle them now. Contact us as soon as possible to discuss the details of your case. Having an advocate on your side in court can definitely increase your chances of a more positive outcome. Sam Bradford Authentic Jersey